Pilgrim 5

One Designer number 5, launched in December 1911,  was built by E. A. Jack in Launceston for Richmond Tinning.

Pilgrim’s details, largly based on Mori Flapan’s REGISTER OF AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND VESSELS are as follows

  • Name: Pilgrim   
  • Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:{5} {A5}
  • Material: Wood
  • Rig: Sloop~gf   Rig changes & identification codes: A.b(hgaff)  Cutter~gf b17
  • Type: Yacht   Propulsion: Sail
  • Designer: Hand, William H. jnr, USA
  • Year built: 1911/12   Yard or Job No: <UNKNOWN>
  • Builder: Jack, Edward A.
  • Where built: Launceston, Tas
  • Official Number: 124552    IMO Number: <UNKNOWN or N/A>
  • Dimensions (ft)—Length: 26.799999 Breadth: 9.3000002  Depth: 3.5
  • Volumetric ‘tonnage’ measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
  • Gross: 5  Underdeck: <UNKNOWN>   Net: 5
  • Decks: 1Dk   Deck Erections: Cb10.5′  
  • Stem: Spoon   Figurehead: Nil   Stern: Counter raked tuck 

PORTS and owners:

  • HOBART 1912 to 1921 Owen Richard Tinning:
  • HOBART 1921 Edwin H.Webster:
  • HOBART 1922 – 27 R.M.Collins :
  • LAUNCESTON 1927- 29 H. Shepperd (Tamar YC)(100 yrs Yachting says N. Shepherd):
  • LAUNCESTON 1948-195555 H.Shepherd (jnr):
  • MELBOURNE@c60s sold to Melbourne owner

History and details:

  • Sailed from Launceston to Bellerive, arriving January 19121, escorted from Derwent Lighthouse and South Arm to Hobart by flotilla of yachts.
  • 1912/01/23 participated in Anniversary Day races on Derwent:
  • 1912/02 participated in Bruny Island ocean race
  • 1913 fourth in Bruny Island Ocean Race, first five yachts all one-designers, crossed the line 34 seconds of each other.
  • 1917/01/23 to participate in one-design yacht race at 70th Hobart Regatta (the Patriotic Regatta), representing RYCT.
  • 1921 repurchased by Webster to keep one class racing alive on the Derwent, won Champion Pennant.
  • 1921/06 register cancelled.
  • 1922 transferred to northern Tasmania.
  • 1923-26 racing with Tamar YC. Flagship of the Tamar Yacht club by 1925.
  • 1925 best boat of the season. Collins was commodore of Tamar YC.
  • 1929 cut free to escape Cataract flood, drifted to western shore. Won A-class Tamar challenge cup at times.
  • 1940 won A-class Tamar challenge cup.
  • 1948 won Tamar regatta race.
  • 1955 won Tamar regatta race.
  • 1957 refitted in yard of E.A.Jack, refastened, fitted with new motor, 1.5t of lead ballast fitted to keel. Transferred to Melbourne after 1957.

References (see http://www.boatregister.net/RANZS_References.htm): Amb1^1925/6,1925/8(P),1925/10(P),1925/12,1927/4(Powner),1927/7,1927/9,1929/10:BRO3:Naa1:PER1(P):Ranzs17,28:TA1^1912/1/11(P,Dprofile,lines&sail):Ta1^1912/1/11,1912/3/7,1912/3/21:Tmm2


Research notes: Ranzs17 sys gaff cutter but still looks to be sloop in 1925.  Amb1^1927/9 sys ordered by Edwin Webster & sold on stocks to Tinning(check). Bro3 &Per1 spells owner’s name Shepherd(check)

Pilgrim was sold to Melbourne in the 1960s where she now resides on a trailer awaiting restoration. She is complete, gaff rigged and has most of her fittings. Pilgrim’s hull has apparently not been altered

More details to follow.

View forward showing replaced floors and rivets ready for roving.

Starboard quarter