Canobie 6

Canobie before restoration

In his book on vintage and veteran boats of Tasmania, “Those That Survive” Graeme Broxam listed 17 boats, his “A List”, that held a special historical significance and meriting special preservation and restoration.  First on that list was Canobie as the last, largely unaltered One-Design class yacht (this was before Gannet and Pilgrim re-surfaced).

In 2009 Canobie was purchased by Owen Stacey from Perth. After transporting her across the Nullabor Owen embarked on a a major restoration.  She now sails majestically on WA waters

Canobie’s Entry in Mori Flapan’s REGISTER OF AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND VESSELS is as follows

  • Name: Canobie   
  • Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:{2} {15} {C15}
  • Material: Wood
  • Rig: Sloop~gf   Rig changes & identification codes: A.b(hgaff) Cutter~bm b94 A.c Cutter~gf b06 A.b(hgf
  • Type: Yacht   Propulsion: Sail
  • Designer: Hand, William H., jnr, USA
  • Year built: 1912/11   Yard or Job No: <UNKNOWN>
  • Builder: Lucas, Charles
  • Where built: Battery Point, Hobart, Tas
  • Engines: <UNKNOWN or N/A>  
  • Boilers/Gearing: <UNKNOWN or N/A><UNKNOWN or N/A>
  • Official Number: 153893    IMO Number: <UNKNOWN or N/A>
  • Dimensions (ft)—Length: 26.5 Breadth: 9.1000004  Depth: 3.5
  • Volumetric ‘tonnage’ measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
  • Gross: <UNKNOWN>  Underdeck: <UNKNOWN>   Net: 5
  • Decks: 1Dk   Deck Erections: Cb  
  • Number of funnels &location: 0  Number of bulkheads: <UNKNOWN>
  • Tanks, etc: <UNKNOWN>   Freeboard: <UNKNOWN>
  • Stem: Spoon   Figurehead: Nil   Stern: Counter square raked 

Ports and Owners:

  • HOBART 1911 A.J.Cotton:
  • HOBART 1918(’19 in Bro3) Edwin H.Webster:
  • HOBART 1922 Edward T.Domeney &Bailey:
  • HOBART 1925 t0 1946 Edward Domeney:
  • HOBART Circa 1980s Neil Houston:
  • HOBART 1995 B.Anderson:
  • HOBART (DSS) 2008
  • Perth Owen Stacey

Racing History

  • 1913 won beauty prize.
  • 1918 repurchased by Webster, after lost leg in France during WW1, to keep one class racing alive on the Derwent, won Champion pennant.
  • 1917/01/23 to participate in one-design yacht race at 70th Hobart Regatta (the Patriotic Regatta), representing RYCT.
  • 1925/12/05 won A-class 70 mile race around Hope Island.
  • 1926/02/27-28 won on handicap in Bruny Island 100 mile race held by RYCT.
  • 1926/04 won A-class race at Woodbridge regatta.
  • 1926 successful racing season, won two long-distance races.
  • 1927 won Derwent Sailing Squadron G. Cramp trophy.
  • 1927/10 won Derwent Sailing Squadron beauty prize at opening regatta of the season on Derwent River.
  • 1927/12 second in A-class race at Esperance regatta.
  • 1928/03 won McWilliams Cup for A-class at Sandy Bay Regatta for second year in succession &so won outright.
  • 1928/05 did well during season, started poor but ended a real surprise packet.
  • 1928/07 owner presented RYCT Dewar Shield, the Commodore’s trophy and a large amount of cash prizes.
  • 1928/10 fitted with longer mast to enable a larger topsail to be carried in moderate weather.
  • 1928/11 participated in opening of season regatta on Derwent.
  • 1929/02 third in A-class event at Bellerive regatta.
  • 1929 third place in aggregate of prizes during the year.
  • 1929/12 won Port Cygnet cup race at Port Cygnet regatta.

Modifications and Repairs

  • 1927 overhauled in preparation for new season.
  • 1926/09 to be fitted with complete rig-out ordered from J. Forsyth &Sons.
  • Converted to schooner after 1929 &by 1946 (this could be an error).
  • 1991 fitted with new motor, 20bhp Arona diesel formerly from ml Valkyria .
  • Converted to Bermudan sloop by 1994.
  • Converted to gaff rig by 2006.

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Research notes: Amb1^1927/9 sys ordered by Edwin Webster & sold on stocks to Cotton(check). Ranzs46 sys schooner (check)

Canobie differs from the original plan in that her cockpit sides taper down, with no aft combing. This was possibly done in later life after some damage to the aft coaming.

Bow on shows that the curve of the sheer is still fair. Note the bobstay, now absent on the others.

Detail of the gaff jaws, showing the painted mast. The original plans show curved gaff jaws in one plan and a gaff saddle on the other. Old photos of Vanity appear to have the gaff pivoting on a ring around the mast.?
Mainsheet horse or traveller
This shot of the interior shows Canobie’s fit out is pretty basic, with a few sistered ribs, but no obvious problems. The engine takes up a bit to space.
The engine in the companionway
The view forward shows a basic V-berth up front with two berths in the saloon.
Canobie on the slip, April 2008, before repainting.