Curlew 3

“Curlew starboard bow” c. 1920. Photographer unknown State Library of Tasmania image AUTAS001126072222.

Curlew’s Entry in Mori Flapan’s REGISTER OF AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND VESSELS is as follows

  • Name: Curlew   
  • Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:{3}  {A33}   Culwulla IV-b17b28b29b36b46b67b71  {A35} {35}   Curlew-b06
  • Material: Wood
  • Rig: Sloop~gf   Rig changes & identification codes: A.b(hgaff) Cutter~gf b17
  • Type: Yacht   Propulsion: Sail
  • Designer: Hand, William H., jnr, USA
  • Year built: 1911/02   Yard or Job No: <UNKNOWN>
  • Builder: Lucas, Charles
  • Where built: Battery Point, Hobart, Tas
  • Engines: <UNKNOWN or N/A>  
  • Boilers/Gearing: <UNKNOWN or N/A><UNKNOWN or N/A>
  • Official Number: 131574    IMO Number: <UNKNOWN or N/A>
  • Dimensions (ft)—Length: 25.700001 Breadth: 9.1000004  Depth: 3.4000001
  • Volumetric ‘tonnage’ measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
  • Gross: <UNKNOWN>  Underdeck: <UNKNOWN>   Net: 6
  • Decks: 1Dk   Deck Erections: Cb10.5′  
  • Number of funnels &location: 0  Number of bulkheads: <UNKNOWN>
  • Tanks, etc: <UNKNOWN>   Freeboard: <UNKNOWN>
  • Stem: Spoon   Figurehead: Nil   Stern: Counter raked tuck 

PORTS and owners:

  • HOBART 1911 to 1912  P.C.Douglas, J.W.Tarleton & H.W.Knight:
  • SYDNEY1913  Andrew Wilson:
  • 1914-17 Walter M.Marks:
  • 1920 Ernest Bent:
  • 1922 H.B.Pickering:
  • 1923 Noel Fraser:
  • 1926 James Hardie:
  • 1927-42 Robert F.Graham:
  • 1942 A.F.& E.M.Graham:
  • 1950-67 A.F.& R.P.Graham:
  • 1971 A.F.Graham:
  • BRISBANE 2006 Roy Turner (under restoration)
  • Fate/Status— Year: 2006  Type: Stationary  Details: Under restoration in Brisbane, Qld

History and details

  • 1911 racing on Derwent River winning first One-Design class race on Derwent for season.
  • 1912/01/23 won One-Design race at Anniversary Regatta on Derwent.
  • 1912/01/27 third in One-Design race in Bellerive regatta.
  • 1912/02 won Ocean Race.
  • 1913 second in Ocean Race
  • Sydney No.68 of 1913
  • 1914 brought to Sydney by Wilson to establish one design at RPAYC, 6 yachtsmen placed orders but plans interrupted by WW1.
  • 1914 won Sydney Amateur Ocean Race.
  • 1914 won RPAYC Albert Gold cup.
  • 1922 & 1931Sydney Amateur Sailing Club by .
  • 1928/10 participated in SASC race in RSYS opening regatta of season.
  • 1928/10 participated in RSYS opening race of season.
  • 1928/10 participated in RPAYC opening of season SASC Boats race.
  • 1928/11/03 participated in RPAYC cruiser race.
  • 1928/12 participated in SASC race.
  • 1929/02/09 third in SASC A-class race.
  • 1929/03/02 second in SASC A-class race.
  • 1929/03/09 unplaced in PEYC race for SASC boats.
  • 1929/03/16 participated in RPAYC A-Class race for SASC boats.
  • 1929/04/06 participated in RSYS A-class race for SASC boats.
  • 1930/01/01 participated in the SASC cruiser’s handicap at Pittwater regatta.
  • 1930/02/01 second in SASC race.
  • 1930/08/03 participated in RPAYC cruiser race on Sydney Harbour.
  • 1930 registered with RPAYC.
  • 1931 converted to bermuda rig.
  • 1931 won Kelly Cup. 1936/12 racing with RPAYC.
  • 1967 registered with RPAYC.
  • 1986 register closed. Coachhouse extended to forward of mast.
  • 2006/03 under restoration at Logan Village S of Brisbane, hull being sheathed in two diagonal layers of veneer, to be returned to gaff rig.

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Research notes: Amb1^1927/11 sys owner J.Graham(check) &name Curlew(check)

Renamed Culwulla IV circa 1931 (photo supplied by Ben Stoner)

Renamed Culwulla IV circa 1931 (photo supplied by Ben Stoner)

in the early 2000s, Curlew was being restored by Roy Turner in his back yard in Logan Village, south of Brisbane. Like many of her sister ships she had been modified extensively over her 95 years. Although her hull has not been lengthened, at some stage someone added a couple of planks, raising her deck about 150 mm (this is noticeable in the photo of her transom).  Her cabin had been modified, extending forward of the mast to provide more accommodation, the mast is stepped to the top of the cabin on  a tabernacle.

Roy bought Curlew from a boat yard where she had been taken after she had been sunk in the Brisbane River. As her planking and internal structure had deteriorated over the years, the decision was made to spline the planks and sheath the hull in two diagonal layers of veneer and a layer of glass. Roy replaced some serious rot in aft keel timbers and fitted a ply webbing to support the counter. Work has progressed to fairing and painting her hull and Roy has built the mast, gaff and boom to return her to a gaff rig.

Curlew’s bow showing the damaged plank ends and stem. The top seam is the bottom of the extra planks.
Curlew’s stern part way through the first layer of veneer. The original transom is the bottom plank. Two extra planks have been added.
Curlew’s bow part way through second layer of veneer, showing the the bulwarks added on top of the additional planks.
Curlew’s keel. Deadwood construction and ballast are clearly visible.
Curlew interior bow. Dark ribs on the port side are probably the originals before the addition of extra planks